Adamsdown Song now at 26!

21 May

The rise of Adamsdown Song up the internet pop chart (see below) is unstoppable! Today we’re at number 26. We’re also featuring in the South Wales Echo, so a warm welcome to Echo readers – check out yesterday’s article for how you can help Adamsdown pupils rise even higher in the world’s biggest non-professional music charts.

CDs of the song are at this moment winging their way to Cardiff. They’ll be on sale at a number of outlets in the heart of Adamsdown, Clifton Street. If you want to be kept informed of when and where you can get one of these unique records, send us an email. You can also keep in touch with latest developments by joining the facebook group (see link on the right).

Everyone involved in the project will get a free CD, and as our grant only stretches to a few hundred copies, supply is limited – but if there’s enough interest we’ll get some more made. They’ll be sold at cost price of £1.

Unless any friendly record company wants to take over manufacture and distribution for us, that is!

Don’t forget to click on the CD cover to the right and play the song, and keep spreading the word!

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