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Tawny Reed: Adamsdown’s Forgotten Star

Just two hundred metres from Adamsdown School, where the vocals for Adamsdown Song were recorded, lies Diamond Street (as featured in the song’s chorus). Living on Diamond Street in the 1960s was a young woman called Giliian Reed. Gill was a young woman with an exceptional singing talent. She was signed to Pye Records, renamed Tawny Reed, and touted as the next Lulu or Cilla Black. Sadly Tawny’s first two singles failed to chart, the record company dropped her, and she was never heard of again. But anyone hearing her fantastic soulful voice will surely agree this was a terrible waste of talent.

Sadly Tawny Reed died over twenty years ago, but if there is anyone who knew her or her family, please get in touch. Adamsdown should surely do something to commemorate her.


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