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Our lasting mark of success

SoundClick artist  Adamsdown j

The glorious days when Adamsdown Song topped a leading internet chart may be over, but our success is not forgotten: Soundclick, top site for people uploading their own music, records our best chart position on our page there: number one.

At the end of last term, Tredegarville Primary’s Year Six performed the song live at a special school event and did a fantastic job of it. Well done. Hopefully this will not be the last time the song is performed, as all along it was planned as a Song for Adamsdown to be passed on as a celebration of the unique area in which we live.

The fans of Adamsdown Song group on Facebook is still growing and there have been steady sales of the CD on Clifton St at Hungry Planet. This website has had well over 2000 hits and we have received compliments from all over the world. Once again, well done to everyone involved. However, there are still plenty of people in Adamsdown who still aren’t aware of the song, so keep spreading the word!

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